Hitler 's Power For Good

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Hitler Should Have Used His 
Power For Good

During the Second World War, Hitler ruled Germany autocratically. If only he had used his power and popularity for good, he would have had much more success. Unfortunately, he did not, Hitler did many horrific things during his rule and negatively influenced many people’s lives. One of the things he caused was called the “Holocaust” This is when Hitler tried to rid Germany of the Jews and create the “Perfect race” (in his eyes) Hitler took over 17 million innocent lives and ruined Germany, tarnishing its name making hitler a loathsome leader.

The Holocaust is a significant event and it is one of the most traumatic in human history. Through which is still told today although it happened in the late 1930’s. The Holocaust occurred during World War II when Hitler had his reign over Germany. In total, six million Jewish people were killed by the Nazis. This included 1 million Jewish children. They were either shot, hung or gassed to death, although in some circumstances people died from malnourishment and lack of medical supplies. Millions of other people that Hitler didn 't like were killed as well. This included Polish people, Catholics, Serbs, disabled people, Gypsies and homosexuals. Apparently the Nazis murdered as many as 17 million people, all of which were innocent. Although Hitler did not start the hatred of the Jews. It started back in ancient Egypt when the authorities of Rome burnt down a Jewish temple. The sentiment

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