Hitler's Abolishment of Relationships

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In 1939 September 1st, a man with ambition set out to achieve his goal, the total control over the European continent, which many of the previous rulers had failed to accomplish. Adolf Hitler, the man with such ambition, committed the worst genocide ever known to humankind with the support of his fellow Nazi party of Germany. This forced six million Jews to work in concentration camps. They were constantly humiliated, tortured, and murdered by various inhumane methods. Such actions eventually succeeded in wiping out one-third of the Jewish population in Europe. The book The concentration camps not only physically and psychologically damaged the people, it tore apart many different relationships that were initially solid, resulting in the loss of faith in humanity.

During their enslavement at the concentration camps, the Jewish fundamental belief of benevolence and preeminence are shredded to pieces. Jewish people lived in small, packed communities prior to the war, with their religion deeply rooted in. Their devoted faith has its base on the idea that the world revolves around the God. They believe the world, therefore, must good because God’s divinity reaches on every aspect of their lives. However, the Jews’ faith in the goodness of God is irreparably shaken due to the horrors witnessed in the concentration camps. In the story, the Jews’ faith in God started to waver at the sight of giant smokes rising from the smoke stacks of the Birkenau concentration camp. The sight
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