Hitler's Influence On Youth

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Those in power target the youth rather than age because the youth’s mind is still developing and they are easily influenced. Napoleon took the dogs when they were puppies because they were still learning. As a kid your parents teach you what is right and what is wrong. If you wait too long they will decide what they think is right and what they think is wrong. An example I can think of is Germany during Hitler’s time. Hitler believed that if you teach the kids that what he believes is right they will listen. He had a Nazi party called Hitler’s youth. It was a school and taught them what to believe. This happens to many communist countries like Russia, some in Africa, Asia, the Middle East. The youth will grow up believing that what they are doing is right. If you try to get someone that knows what they government is doing, and he knows is wrong he will not listen. Napoleon did the same thing with the dogs. He taught them that he was their leader and that you need to protect him and listen to him. …show more content…

Napoleon used the dogs as protection and to kill. Communist countries do the same thing. Germany and Russia would take youth and trained them for war until they were old enough. They taught things that influenced them so much that it was the only thing they believe to be right. If they get the teachings into the youths head when they get older they can take control and be a leader in the future. This also can be a good thing too. If you teach the youth about the Bible and Christian morals they will believe and listen. It is really all about who your leader is and what they

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