Hockey As A Hobby For Canadians Essay

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What started as a hobby for Canadians, hockey has developed into the glorified sport that takes the time of millions of people on Saturday night. Not only has this game changed the lives of people living in the great white north; hockey itself has earned a reputation where fights and violence steal the show. The moment where two players drop their gloves and pull up the always interfering elbow guards could bring a whole arena to its feet. However, In the last couple years, this iconic piece of the game has been challenged by everyone from hockey experts to hockey moms. People against the violence would make the argument that it takes away from skilled players having to always watch out for the notorious “goon” skating around the ice. Not to mention increasing injuries in the game of hockey that are presumably linked to over physical play. These are just some of arguments against the art of fighting in the NHL. But to keep good ratings and the millions of dollars the hockey industry brings in each year, fighting must remain a key part of Canada’s game. With hockey being invented back in the late 1800’s, at that time there was not even the thought of having fights during a game. Fighting was only introduced a couple years later. This forced the NHL to make rules for fighting, giving lengthy suspension for dropping the gloves against players on the other team(Fitzpatrick). As the years rolled on, there were only six teams in the NHL; it consisted of Toronto, Montreal,
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