Hockey Is A Unifying Force

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Hockey is “closer to a religion than a simple sporting pastime” in Canada. It is “a unifying force” in a nation where one state wanted to separate from the rest of Canada. Hockey has a major impact on the social, economic, cultural and political realms of Canada. In the 2014 olympics, alcohol laws in bars were lifted when Canada was in the finals for the gold medal. People were drinking in 5 o’clock in the morning which would be frowned upon in many social circles in any other circumstances. Maurice is “credited with raising the National Hockey League to major sport status”, he simply “sold the game” to french canadians post great depression and you could say he stopped the National Hockey league from folding as teams were dropping every year out of the League due to being unable to be financially stable.
Maurice “Rocket” Richard was an iconic hockey figure in canada as “Not a single Canadian has not carried Maurice Richard in his pockets at one time or another” as his number 9 was on the back of the Canadian Journey Series of the five dollar bill. In October 24, 2004, La Presse revealed that maurice was the third most appreciated personality in quebec’s history. At the time of his death, the state of quebec gave him a state funeral, the first to a non political figure in the history of Quebec.He also is “credited with starting the quiet revolution in quebec” and be able to stand up against the repression quebecois had felt since the plains of abraham. He would came to…
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