Hofstede And Globe ( Global Leadership And Organisation Behaviour Effectiveness

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This report is comparison between Hofstede and GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organisation Behaviour Effectiveness) research on Culture and Leadership. Hofstede and GLOBE is similar, they both investigation the behaviour of organisations in different countries and across culture. But the way and research scope still quite different. In this report we will summarized and reviewed the theoretical dimension of various culture and leadership. Include the deficiencies in Hofstede’s work which the GLOBE study sought to address.

Culture is a common behavior of the human, representing a group of common ideological. "Cultural difference" is the difference between the cultures of different countries, different nationalities, for example such as: the difference between the values of respect, faith, language, customs, religion and ethics.
In order to understand and analyze the cultural differences, many domestic and foreign scholars have proposed a variety of methods. They tried to break down into easier to identify the cultural characteristics of the elements, so that the public can follow a different culture for the country to recognize cultural differences and deal with problems arising from cultural conflict. 20th century, many scholars take a large sample empirical methods, this study guide has become the mainstream of today 's study of cultural differences. On behalf of the scholars, including: Hofstede (1980), Schwartz (1997), House of GLOBE, Edward T Hall

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