Holistic Nurse Research Paper

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Jaime: How Do You Become a Holistic Nurse?

There are many paths to become a holistic nurse. Most of them involve earning a bachelor of science in nursing, getting an RN license and then specializing in a field of integrated nursing. A holistic nurse provides direct care and intervention using various integrative therapies.


Get a Nursing Degree
Almost all employers will want holistic nurses to have a two- or four-year degree in nursing. These degree programs focus on developing the professional skills needed provide high-quality, evidence-based and patient-centered care. Students learn about the complex health care system and associated health care regulations. These programs integrate critical thinking, quality improvement, safety procedures and leadership skills together to foster
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This will help them sustain a working understanding of regulatory requirements, accreditation standards and compliance efforts. This will provide opportunities to identify and share the best safety practices. Being mindful of internal processes and compliance standards will help them freely communicate safety and compliance concerns to leadership. Working in integrated medicine will expose them to the Interprofessional Practice Model (IPM) and other holistic care concepts.

Nurses who work in holistic medicine will perform patient assessments to identify short- and long-term needs. They will facilitates patient and family involvement in developing holistic care plans. They will provides holistic health care interventions that are goal-oriented, researched-based and patient-focused. They evaluates the effectiveness of interventions and modify care practices based on results. They share relevant patient care information to promote continuity of care between different provider
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