Hollingsworth V. Virginia

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Hollingsworth V. Virginia Hollingsworth v. Virginia was the court case that initiated in 1792 in which it ruled the president possesses no formal role in the ratification of constitutional amendments. This case went on for 6 years and began as a suit against the state of Virginia by the Indiana Land Company. The 11th amendment deals with each state's sovereign immunity and was adopted in order to overrule the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Chisholm v. Georgia. In other words it prohibits federal courts from hearing cases lodged against a state by a citizen or by another state. The Eleventh Amendment was passed to overturn the Supreme Court ruling in the 1793 case of Chisholm v. Georgia. Alexander Chisholm of South Carolina filed suit against the State of Georgia for breach of contract, seeking payment for goods supplied to Georgia during the War of Independence. Levi Hollingsworth was a merchant from Pennsylvania who owned shares in the Indiana Company that was involved in land speculation. The company was seeking to resolve a land claim with the state of Virginia regarding land in what is now West Virginia. Hollingsworth replaced the previous case against a man named William Grayson who was from the state of Virginia. The replacement was made when the Supreme Court ruled that a citizen or another state could sue a state. There were two main problems the first was whether the 11th amendment was valid because it hadn’t gotten approval from the president yet. The second

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