United States Vs. Virginia Constitution. In A Quick Observation,

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United States VS. Virginia Constitution In a quick observation, it may be easy to observe that the Constitution of Virginia is much larger in length and detail than the United States Constitution. There are many differences between these two constitutions besides the authors or contributors being that James Madison contributed to both, however, he was not the complete author of the Constitution of Virginia (Constitutions of Virginia). Both Constitutions have the same idea in which it holds three separate branches of government, however, differences include the detail and content brought amongst the articles. Differences include, but are not limited to, division of the three branches, extra articles and policies, and the amendments. They …show more content…

The United States Constitution hold the senate as one house and the House of Representatives as the other. On the other hand, the Constitution of Virginia holds one house as the Senate and the other as the House of Delegates. The other branch is the judicial branch. This branch is known as Article three in the United States Constitution and Article six in the Constitution of Virginia. The judicial branch differs in level of courts and justices. In the United States Constitution the article including the judicial branch is very broad, while the article including the judicial branch in the Constitution of Virginia is narrow. The Constitution of Virginia narrowly states how a justice qualifies and how the retirement process occurs once the justice resigns. While the United States Constitution states more about what courts have jurisdiction and how it interprets cases. One difference that really stands out between the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Virginia is the statement and addition of different articles. In the United States Constitution, the word education was not included. In the Constitution of Virginia, an article is specifically for education. This article being article eight. The article of education helps show how narrowly defined the Constitution of Virginia is compared to how broadly defined the United States Constitution is. This article includes how public and higher education

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