Holly is a Runaway Essay

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Holly Janquell is a runaway. Wendelin Van Draanan creates a twelve year old character in the story, Runaway, that is stubborn and naive enough to think she can live out in the streets alone, until she is eighteen.She has been in five foster homes for the past two years. She is in foster care because her mother dies of heroin overdose. In her current foster home, she is abused, locked in the laundry room for days without food, and gets in even more trouble if she tries to fight back. Ms.Leone, her schoolteacher, could never understand her, and in Holly’s opinion, probably does not care. No one knows what she is going through, because she never opens up to any one. Ms. Leone gives Holly a journal at school one day and tells her to write …show more content…

In conclusion, Holly rants to Ms. Leone about her current situation in life, but soon she will become “friends” with her through her writing. As Holly’s journey continues, she runs into a few happy moments, and somewhere in between she stops venting too much, and talks to Ms.Leone as some sort of companion. For example, when she finds a school, she is all happy and excited, there is no complaint in the journal entry. She is happy to find the school because she wants to read textbooks and learn as much as she can. Holly does this because she is still holding onto the idea of becoming a vet. Never in a million years would she actually say that to Ms.Leone, but she is able to do it in the journal. Another time she talks to Ms. Leone as a friend is as she watching the sunset at a beach. She starts off by writing a sentence, but suddenly, it turns into a wonderful poem. She asks Ms. Leone “How did that that turn into a poem? Is that a poem?” Holly asks these questions as if they will be answered, and opens up a little more by pouring her heart out into all the poems that she writes. She is starting to realize how much she likes poetry. To sum it up, Holly is finally opening up, because she is soon going to start say stories about her past. Near the end of Holly’s journey, she starts to open up more and write more about her past. For example, she starts to talk a little bit about her mother. Holly knew that her mother

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