The Woman Who Walked Into Doors Essay

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"The Woman Who Walked Into Doors"

"The Woman Who Walked Into Doors" is a novel written by Roddy Doyle, set in Ireland in the early 1990s. This story combines love and violence and shows how the two can go together in one marriage.

The story is written like a diary of Paula Spencer's good and bad memories in her life and gives the reader the impression that Paula is sharing her life story with us and she is also narrating her life as we read.

The story begins with a prison guard arriving at Mrs Spencer's door to give Paula the unfortunate news that her husband, Charlo has died. Then Paula explains the marital status between her and her husband, which is that they are separated. She talks of their wedding, their children and …show more content…

Her mother is alive and well.

Paula is an alcoholic and blames it on Charlo because of the horrendous way he treated her. To try and block this out she started drinking heavily. She fell deeper and deeper into the grip of alcoholism. She found it made her forget about reality and often made her feel calmer. However, she never drank until her children were in bed, thus sparing them the heartache of seeing their mother in such a drunken state. She works as a cleaner, mainly in houses and she cleans an office building on Tuesdays. She hides her alcohol in the shed and throws the key into the garden until she needs it at night when she will go and find it. She is very proud of her children because they have helped her survive through the harder times. Her only main concern is the welfare of her children. She tells us that her favourite child is Jack, the youngest. Her oldest son, John-Paul is living elsewhere and by the time he reaches sixteen, he is thought to be a heroin addict. All of her other children live with her and they try to be as normal a family as possible, even though they have all experienced pain from earlier experiences with Charlo.

This novel is very interesting and gets the reader involved. However, it isn't written very well. I think the structure is wrong because Roddy Doyle doesn't write the story in order of events, he writes it in a way that is hard to understand as he jumps from year to year and often decade to

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