Hollywood Blacklist Analysis

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The Paramount decision and the Hollywood Blacklist were unrelated events that significantly changed the motion picture business. One of these events, the Paramount decision, feels ethical as it put an end to a bullying monopoly, but the other event, the Hollywood Blacklist, organized out of fear and arguably not even constitutional to the rights of citizens (free speech). Regardless, these developments altered the direction of big studio production as well as the talent and craft services. An important event relevant to both events is World War II. America emerged as a world power house from World War II, and much of this could be because it wasn’t fought on our turf (except for Pearl Harbor). It’s very important to mention that the war ironically ended the great depression as factories engendered an economy and everyone rallied around nationalism and jingoistic pride. With this said, also, people wanted to move out of cities and find safer spaces in suburban areas; the rise of suburbia (Lewis, p. 194). With people moving out of cities (where the theatres were), there was nobody to watch the movies (very unlikely that suburban towns had a theater). How does World War II correlate to the Hollywood Blacklist? Easy, America’s fear of Russian and other communist units after the war. If the United States wasn’t fearful of communism, then why form the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC)? The entire idea of the committee seems un-American! Looking back, we have the

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