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Essay «A Hollywood smile: so many teeth and so little heart». What does this aphorism mean? Is it about a Hollywood smile? I dont think so. To my opiniom, it is a metaphor. «Hollywood smile» is a well-known expression which means an ideal, well worked-out smile of Hollywood actors and actresses, the incarnation of Beauty. But the author looked at this phrase in a wider way, I can suppose he meant under the smile the whole cinema world, existing in Hollywood. Is it a world of Beauty? Is this life only wine and roses? The author says: «no». Though Hollywood got the name of factory of dreams and is assotiated with wealth and paradise of sun and palm trees, this is only the facade for a darker truth. People in the factory of dreams are…show more content…
It is hardly beliavable that in Hollywood may exist sincere feelings and long marriages. A marriage for actors is only a play and a momentary caprice. To prove it I can give some facts: there are a lot of short marriages in Hollywood. By the way, it is a really ridiculous period of time that several marriages lasted - Drue Barrimor and Jeremy Thomas`s marriage ended after 38 days. But it seems a long marriage if you know that Carmen Electra and Dannis Rodman divorsed after 9 days! And a real record holder is Britney Spears - she divorsed with her husband Jason Alexander after 55 hours since they gave the oath of love! Do you think it is a real love? Doubtless, it is not serious! Also we cannot ignore the fact that many actors and actresses had three, four and even more marriages in their lives. The arguments I have presented prove that Hollywood is more a Vanity fair than a Land of dreams. Now you know that luxury is a facade for dark life of poor actors who did not become popular, of alcohol- and drug-abusers, musders and tragic suicide. Under divine and gorgeous Hollywood smile there`s so little soul, that it can`t be observed in the shining of their perfect teeth. Moreover, it may come that these perfect teeth are just artificial. If you talk about Hollywood be ready to face falsehood in
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