Holmes Vs Watson

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In all stories there are characters that make it worthwhile. Sherlock Holmes is a witty, yet arrogant young man. He solves crime in a short amount of time, with the help of his partner Dr. Watson. He boasts about his intelligence and acts like he is better than most people. Dr.Watson on the other hand is a feeble and polite man. He was a military doctor, who got injured, and is usually uplifting Sherlock. These two characters are very different, but share many of the same qualities like being unsociable, zealous, pompous, and fortitudinous. Given these points, Holmes and Watson’s similarities and differences make them a strong and unstoppable team.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson are two young men with different personalities, but many similar characteristics. Sherlock and Watson are also fortitudinous because Watson was a …show more content…

Sherlock is very arrogant and rude because in A Study in Scarlet he sniffs sardonically to a positive comment from Dr.Watson. He also rudely says “What the deuce is it to me?”, during a conversation he and Dr.Watson were having, after Watson protests to his explanation. However, Dr.Watson is feeble because in A Study in Scarlet he states “I am not strong enough to stand much noise or excitement”. He also is polite because in A Study in Scarlet he congratulated Sherlock though he was being very arrogant. For the most part Sherlock and Watson are as different as they are alike.

Above all, Sherlock and Dr.Watson’s differences and similarities make them a sturdy and unconquerable team.Sherlock and Watson are equally similar as they are different. They get along with each other well and despite their similarities they sometimes bicker because of their differences. Together the duo is pompous and fortitudinous. Watson is feeble and polite whereas Sherlock is very arrogant and rude. In conclusion some divergent people can make the perfect

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