Holocaust Museum Experience

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Kimberly Regalado
Mr. Hohm
5-4-17 The Experience That Was Once Was

“Get rid of the Jews!” We know that the holocaust involved Hitler killing and torturing Jews, but behind the curtains what happened to their world full of light?
The holocaust museum located in Washington D.C allows all to see just that. Having exhibits that thoroughly shows perspective into what children and adults went through as the world changed evilly through their eyes. The U.S holds this museum as a memorial to the holocaust. It was founded in 1980, and worked on along the years by many people. Allowing all to confront the cruelty of the holocaust.(About..) According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website, the dedication given since 1993 has welcomed more than 40 million visitors, 99 heads of state, and more than ten million middle aged children! Not even now do the workers of this haunting place, stop now there is
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Although this book was fictional it was very realistic and held much of what actual children felt during the holocaust. Shown in the exhibit it allows to touch, listen, and engage in “his” world. One will see a few real diary entries that were written by a jew back during the holocaust was in motion. It is a great learning experience, because the holocaust was not only about murdered jews, “remember the children.” There are different types of exhibits, current, traveling, and online. Current exhibits are part of the museum that will never change or move, may be improved but will always be there. Traveling exhibits could stay at any museum for about a month and move to another. Some examples would be The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936, which is currently in the Holocaust Museum d.c Online exhibits are articles/information on a specific topic that you can find online.(free) The greatness about all it is that all leave a lasting informative
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