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Museum of Tolerance The Museum of Tolerance is a large museum that focuses on racism and prejudice. It is also home to a memoriam of the Holocaust. The museum attempts to crack the barriers of racism, prejudices, and discrimination. I had never previously visited the Museum of Tolerance before this class. I have been told of how it was mostly notorious for its Holocaust exhibit and its messages prejudice. From personal experience, the Museum of Tolerance appeared to be a popular place to visit and a place people often talk about or reference within conversations. The many exhibits in the museum expose the guests to different types of prejudice, hatred, and discriminations. Upon entrance to the museum there was a security checkpoint.…show more content…
A majority of the exhibit was technology based or was made up entirely of dioramas. It was very interesting to discover that the museum uses a mediated based approach to inform their audience of the events that happened during the time of the Holocaust. To heighten the experience, the museum hands out cards with pictures of Jewish people who were affected by the Holocaust. At the end of the tour, there is a scanner that will reveal the fate of the person on your card. I received Peter Freistadt. Peter Freistadt was born on October 13, 1931, in Bratislavia, Czechoslovakia. With the arrival of anti-Semitic laws in the 1940s, him and his family had to wear the Star of David on their sleeves and a brand. The star branded them for all to see that they are jewish. They were required to hire a non-Jewish man to overlook their family owned business. They were forced to leave their home. Peter Freistadt was one of the lucky few to escape the ghettos, and the horrors that followed. There was one section within the exhibit called "The Hall of Testimony". This is where you can hear the stories of Holocaust survivors. This provides live testimony of the events from the period and semi fills the void that was caused due to the previous lack of artifacts. The Museum honors the survivors in a permanent exhibit titled “Witness to Truth”. The

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