Home Fathers: The Reasons For Stay At Home Fathers

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Stay at home fathers are most likely thought of as lazy fathers who do not want to do anything. According to studies stay at home fathers usually tend to get more things done and are very handy around homes. It is also better for children to spend more time with their fathers because they are normally attached more to the mother instead of the father at first. So, spending more time with the children will increase the comfort level of the children to be about equal for both parents while they are still young. The number of stay at home fathers has increased drastically since 1989 with there being 1 million more stay at home fathers than there were in 1989. The most current number of stay at home fathers was recorded in 2012 and it was up to two million. About a quarter of the stay at home fathers are at home because of the lack of finding a job. Another quarter of these stay at home fathers want to care for their home and family. The biggest reason for stay at home fathers is illness or disability. This category of the fathers is by far the biggest reason why there are stay at home fathers but it is not necessarily their choice to be home, it is more a more reasonable situation for it. Most fathers that stay home are older than their spouse and are over the age …show more content…

The majority wonder if the number of stay at home fathers will continue to increase or if it will decrease as time goes on. As the world becomes more populated it is hard to tell. Although it is still rare for fathers to stay at home with their children it could possibly become a very common thing to do in the near future. For the simple reason of being more productive around the home and knowing how to do more hands on stuff then what their spouse would know how to do. Being a stay at home father is clearly not easy, mainly because of the thought of embarrassment being brought toward a person or the fear of being judged (The Art of

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