Homeland Security And Law Enforcement

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Homeland Security and Law Enforcement
The purpose of this paper is to define and give as much detail information about Homeland Security in the United States and law enforcement and how they are integrated. I hope after reading this paper you will be well informed on the duties and responsibilities of these agencies. People have always lived in fear but with the help of these agencies we will no longer have to live in fear. I will try to give as much detail information as possible to help with any problems or situation that might come up. Homeland Security in the United States and law enforcement have extensive research skills and knowledge in serving and protecting citizens and other important groups and agencies. Homeland Security is a new agency that was created by the president to handle terrorist threats and to aid the country in an emergency situation. Since September 11th the threat level for terrorist attacks on America have increase over years. The Presidents of the United States vows to never let an attack happen on American soil again that’s why Homeland security was created. According to the Homeland security act the mission statements is to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, reduce America’s vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize the damage and recover from attacks that do occur is Homeland Security Actions. The Department of Homeland Security is responsible in making the nation safe and secure by protecting borders and transportation
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