Homeless Adolescents Under The Age Of Eighteen

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Separate Shelters are needed for Homeless Adolescents under the age of Eighteen. Deanna Marzolf Angela Chew Fayetteville State University Author Note Social Work 410 Dr. Erica Campbell Abstract In communities across the nation, homeless adolescents under the age of eighteen are surviving on the streets alone and afraid. The availability of homeless shelters, for this demographic, are few and far between. If the shelter is available to take in the homeless youth the facility is on average a mixture of ages and genders, mental health disorders, substance and drug abuse. The people who provide services to homeless adolescents,…show more content…
The majority of the shelters are further supported by the community and churches. On the website for Fayetteville, North Carolina is a list of homeless shelters providing services in the area. A quick glance shows that there are shelters that service specific segments of the population including battered women, pregnant women, women in crisis, homeless families and the general population (2013).Although, the population listed does not list shelter services that provide services for homeless adolescents the staff at several of the shelters provided information on the youth served. One example of a shelter, in the Fayetteville area, that offers services to homeless adolescents under the age of eighteen is the Cumberland Interfaith Hospitality Network. This shelter is identified, on the Fayetteville NC website, as one that provides services for homeless families. (Cumberland Interfaith Hospitality Network, 2013). As an example, the services provided, at this shelter, include: overnight accommodations at their churches, dinner, breakfast and a packed lunch, referrals to employment, direct assistance with household furnishings, basic need items, and financial assistance”( Cumberland Interfaith Hospitality Network,2013). The providers of services at this shelter appear to have the capability of incorporating the same services to treat homeless adolescents. “ The Interfaith Hospitality Network provides a wide range of services to encompass the needs of
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