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Causes of Homelessness In the United States In the United States, since people have a harder time finding jobs and putting forth the effort to afford housing many people are homeless and that has increased homelessness quite a bit. Many people have been forced to live on the streets because of poverty, not being able to afford housing and not having good jobs. People who have gone through addictions such as gambling, drugs and alcohol has caused people to become homeless. Quite a few people have become poor and homeless by going through physical, sexual and verbal abuse. Statistics right now are saying that there is a shocking 564,708 people homeless in the United States. Many people in the United States are forced to the streets because of poverty and not having money to afford things. People who are poor are rarely able to afford food, housing, education, healthcare, childcare, etc. Some people who are homeless have jobs, but they don’t get paid enough to afford the necessities and they don’t get the benefits they need. The real value of minimum wage in 2004 was 26% less than the minimum wage value was in 1979. That means that minimum wage even though it was higher in 2004 than in 1979, the prices of things were raised drastically making it almost impossible for people who get paid the minimum to be able to live the American Dream.With that said, wages declining has put housing out of reach for many people. In 2017, the average apartment is a one or two bedroom

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