Homelessness : The Homeless People Essay

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Homelessness can be a temporary condition that people fall into in the United States when they cannot afford to pay for a place to live, or when their current home is unsafe or unstable. The estimated amount of homeless people in the United States is about 3 million. (National Alliance to end Homeless) In 2014, there are approximately 578,424 people in a single night that experience being homeless. In my opinion, the United States should have more shelters to help the homeless people instead of spending money on unnecessary things. The three main people groups that are affected by the homelessness are the unemployed, pregnant teens, and veterans. Homelessness affects the unemployment in several ways. Some people might become unemployed through substance abuse and housing. Substance abuse can play a significant role in a homeless in a person 's life. When you are on drugs, you cannot function well on the job. You will eventually lose your job because the drugs will take over your mind and, so you may become homeless. If a homeless person fails a random drug test he or she will not get the job. “The National Coalition for the Homeless” highlight that substance abuse can be both the cause and consequence of homelessness. Many people may abuse drugs and alcohol after losing their homes. The data research was on January 28th of 2014 by Point in Time Survey in San Antonino, Texas. The top reason for homelessness or unemployment is the deprivation of a job by 48 percent in
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