Problem Solution Homelessness Essay

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Homelessness the Problems of America Homelessness has always been a problem in major cities across the United States and even the world. This problem also affects out local community and even all of us individually. (Daily) A majority of the American people lives paycheck to paycheck, and according to statistics, we are only one or two paychecks away from becoming homeless. While there are many reasons a person or family can become homeless, a majority of those problems come from a lack of income. The job market of today is quickly dwindling and shows no signs of improvement. This market mixed with new government policies is becoming an issue for struggling American’s on the poverty line. Homelessness is becoming a vast problem …show more content…

Some veterans suffer from a mental illness known as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) when they do not seek medical help they have a higher risk of becoming homeless then those that seek medical advice. This disorder was caused by something that the military veteran experienced while in active duty during war.
While the idea’s that have come forth to try to solve the problem of homelessness, many people have come up with great solutions that are currently helping these individuals. The programs that are in place provide shelters for people who have been kicked to the streets and have no place to stay. These shelters provide food, clothing, water, and best of all a place to sleep. However, these shelters require the individuals staying there to seek a job during the day. The biggest problems these shelters have come from the rules that apply to those staying. The current rules allow homeless people to take advantage of the program by allowing them to stay there for up to 6 months, and then they must move to another shelter or live on the streets. The problem presented with this rule is in most cities they have more than one shelter, which allows people to abuse the system and live under the care of taxpayers indefinitely. However, most people understand that there could potentially be more than one reason why a person would need to return to a homeless shelter within 6 months to a year, but not spend almost their entire life using

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