Homer's Agamemnon Controversy

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In the classics of Homer Iliad, the son of Atrée and the brother of Menelaus Agamemnon, was the king of Mycenae and has led the Greek forces in the Trojan War.
The controversy raised by historians and critics is the extent of the guilt attributed to Agamemnon acts and character. More than this, it is quite interesting to study if Homer itself has provided us with an accurate account of the character of Agamemnon in his classic book.
Homer presents as the character of Agamemnon a man empowered with power virtually unlimited and enormous but also a social position powerful enough in the society of the time. However, his personal characteristics did not deserve such a high status. Agamemnon Homer made most of its decisions, then that it is governed …show more content…

Its official position was always predetermined by personal whims as well as of individual needs that have been put at the top of the true interest community. Such was the main controversy Magistrale described by Homer.
On the one hand, Agamemnon appears before us as a warrior accomplished, even if, as a king he often illustrates the features incompatible with the ideals of the true kingship. This are including: cowardice, stubbornness, as well as of the childish attitude and immaturity. All these disadvantages mixed personal with selfishness, arrogance and versatility make the epic character of Agamemnon as a person who is just at point well as morally wrong.
In addition, a major negative characteristics identified by Homer in the Iliad is that Agamemnon fails to draw conclusions and to learn from its mistakes enormous.
That is why the character of Homer falls dramatically throughout the epic.
From the beginning, the character of Agamemnon appears as a courageous warrior and grand which destroys the heroically powerful army as well as Troy. However, at the outset, we learn to know Agamemnon as a person who has changed the winds to go to Troy, at the price of the sacrifice of his own daughter,

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