Homer's The Odyssey: A Life's Journey Essay

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Odysseus left Calypso’s Island and began his journey back home. His odyssey might be described as one’s own life struggles. There are ups and downs to every situation, and through reading The Odyssey, readers can connect parallels between Odysseus’ experiences and lessons learned in their own life. Human weaknesses can still prevail through even the strongest men you may think of; examples of this are shown in this epic. Even though there is a large gap in space between Odysseus’ travels and the present, human nature and weakness still share the same obstacles. There are many ways to interpret The Odyssey as allegory for life’s journey. It can be seen as a long and strenuous hike with many hardships to get to something much …show more content…

He knew what was good for the group, by sacrificing a few of them to the monster, he saved all the rest. This turned out to be the best decision in the long run. They may have been mad at him at first, but eventually they would come to realize what good that had done them. From this adventure of Odysseus, we can learn to trust those who know best for us, such as our parents. For example, before you go off the diving board the first time, you may be sacred and terrified, but they will push you to do it because the reward will be worth it. So, you go off and you get water up your nose, but the adrenaline rush and exhilaration you felt were worth it. In the end you realize it was better to go off for the first time so you know what it feels like. This is a symbol for trusting in people even though you are uncertain. Even though Odysseus is the hero in this epic, it is shown he is only human and he makes mistakes too. No matter how noble or strong we may be, it is only natural to error. When he traveled to Circe’s home, he was enchanted by her and was unfaithful to his wife, Penelope. By being around a beautiful goddess and not having seen your wife in years, Odysseus naturally had a tendency to cheat on Penelope. We see that in our culture today. When spouses are gone for too long and if you know they don’t have a chance to find out about your whereabouts, people succumb to their

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