Homeschooling Is Becoming Popular All Over The World

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Over the years homeschooling is becoming widely popular all over the world. Although many people believe that public school is the only way to go, people exclude homeschooling and create their own opinions about it. Homeschooling is much more than what people make it seem, it’s a better opportunity for young students to take. Homeschooling opens your mind and knowledge to things all over the world that public schools are not able to experience. Not only does it help the student strive to be a part of their community, and attend associations but also it helps create a bond between families. Although homeschool students are talked about and repeatedly treated as if they are not any better, homeschoolers succeed in education, have …show more content…

Homeschoolers have the advantage to learn the curriculum without being lost or having any issues, while being helped at all times. This allows the students to be higher educated and achieve higher grades, preparing them well for college. For example, homeschool students graduated from college at a much higher rate than their peers with 66.7% while having a GPA of 3.46, as for students that went to public schools had a rate of 57.5% with a GPA of 3.16, as stated by Although people doubt homeschoolers, they are growing at a rapid rate and it’s because of the proficiency that those who were homeschooled have gained. Furthermore, the dangerous “S” word also known as socializing. The most common asked question to homeschoolers are of their social skills, people have the idea that homeschool students are lonely weirdos that only have their parents as friends. People believe that if a student does not attend a public school they are socially awkward, they think that the only way to socialize and make friends is to go to a public school with people the same age as the student. In reality homeschool students are very open to their community, and are great socializers. Homeschool students not only are able to be part of a sport team but also have recreation center for activities such as PE, art, music, etc. A study titled “Homeschooling Grows Up” was created by Mr. Ray to analyze students who were

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