Homework Is Meaningless And Its Effect On Children

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Homework is meaningless. Despite its advantages on learning, it is taking its toll on individuals who contribute to it. These individuals are the trio known as the students, the parents, and the teachers. One of the characteristics that they have in common is that they all coherently partake in the learning environment: teachers assign homework, students do the homework, and parents communicate with their child and teachers. This symbiotic relationship takes proper communication and collaboration. It is essentially a team effort. No student, parent, nor teacher should work by themselves. Therefore, they all need each other for student success. Without proper communication, there would be lower academic performance. Students go to school to…show more content…
Since tedious workload is correlated with stress, students eventually become disinterested in school. Although all types of students are affected by homework, those who take rigorous classes are more stressed than students who take easier classes. They have to dedicate more time in completing a heavier workload. According to Harris M. Cooper, director of Duke University 's Program in Education, that these type of students voluntarily take rigorous courses want to put an academic edge to their profile, so they have the opportunity to outcompete other students for the best universities. Later on in life, overachieving students wonder if all their hard work is worth it or if they had just wasted their time.
In addition, homework affects student social life. With little to no homework, students are able to expand their horizons and to discover their passions. Homework is a culprit to disrupting bonding time. They struggle with procrastination due to various factors. One of these factors, however, is due to its difficulty and the hours dedicated in completing assignments. On the other hand, students who take easier classes tend to have little to no homework. Therefore, they have more time to socialize and more time study. When students with easier classes receive homework, it does not take them hours to complete. Therefore, they tend to enjoy their school career more than honor students. Since the time it takes to complete homework prevents students from
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