Rodney Jones Argument Against Homework

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“Homework is arguably the worst punishment inflicted upon the student body.” One would think this extreme statement would come from the 10-year boys and girls who complain to their parents about the homework they have to complete. However, Rodney Jones starts of his argument against homework using this statement. He argues that homework does not help children taking up all their time. Continuing, he explains how parents should extend child’s knowledge out of school instead of homework and in the end these assignments do not help students grade. However, in contrast of Jones’ beliefs homework indeed benefits children’s learning through the small amounts of extra practice it gives to help the students excel. Homework benefits children …show more content…

In addition, students rarely stress over small homework assignments but 80% of them become anxious, depressed, or restless during exam weeks especially if much of their grade depends on one single exam or project (Getty). Thus, homework indeed helps students grade and overall performance. Jones believes that homework taking away social life and family times however homework does not take many times and it leaves the parents to focus on other aspects of their life. One of Jones’s claims states that homework, “away from free time that could be used for entertainment, work, or family time” when in reality the average students in elementary school students simply spending thirty minutes and high school student only spending fifty minutes doing homework per day (Ryan). This shows that students have much more time to do other activities and homework does not take away from their social life. Also, Jones argues that parents would supplement if teachers did not come home with homework but the average parent does not leave work till 7:00 PM-8:00 PM not arriving home till 7:30-8:30 PM not having much time to then add one to two hours of extra education for their children (Yau). Because, in reality, teachers do not give an enormous amount of homework and parents do not have the time to add to their child’s education, students benefit greatly from homework. Because homework gives valuable extra practice to then help students overall grade,

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