Homework Is Too Much Homework

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Starting in Preschool, students experience the responsibility of completing homework. Whether a student is memorizing the alphabet, completing multiplication worksheets, writing poems and essays, or completing pre-calculus problems, homework consumes much of their time. As time progress homework is becoming more of a burden to students. As children become older and life becomes more hectic, they cannot find enough hours in a day to correctly and fully complete their homework. Because of this, students can possibly fall behind in school and homework quickly becomes useless. Students of all ages are assigned too much homework. Homework consumes too much of a student’s like and leaves no time for the more important aspects of life. In the article Too Much Homework written by Professor Carol Huntsinger, which gives insights from a book called The End of Homework: How Homework Disrupts Families, Overburdens Children and Limits Learning , written by Etta Kralovec and John Buell, explains that a student’s busy schedule along with immense amounts of homework takes away from the most important parts of life. In this article, Huntsinger explains how a student named Josh Preston has a full high school course load, attends meetings, participates in school activities, and also attends three hour swim practices in the evening. Huntsinger then goes on to explain that after coming home from practice at 7:30 p.m., Preston has to do almost four hours of homework which leads to him only
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