Homicidal Ideation: A Case Study

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Mr. Davis is a 33 year old male who presented to the ED with homicidal ideation with a plan. Mr. Davis states he has a plan to go out in his yard with a machete and kill someone. Per documentation he states, "I'm going out into the yard with my machete and I am afraid I am going to kill someone. I feel really crazy." He states he has these thoughts towards anyone that does him wrong. At the time of the assessment Mr. Davis is asleep, however becomes awaken and 4x oriented by hearing his name called. He has a history of Bipolar. He denies current suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, and visual hallucinations. He does endorse auditory hallucination. Mr. Davis reports hearing several people telling him things. He reports his outpatient provider is DayMark and he usually go there twice a month for his Depakote injections, however has not been there since …show more content…

Davis reports appears to be having a manic episode by evidence by his grandiosity, decrease need for sleep for the week, decreased attention during evaluations, and recent goal-directed activity. Mr. Davis states things like, "I want to harm others people with a machete. I have murders in my family. I feel like its in my DNA." He states, "I'm the Alpha dog and tries of helping out people. Mr. Davis reports he is the terminator. He admits to spending a large amount of time in the gym and to exercising. He reports recently spending 5 to 11 hours a day, which he expresses as an recent obsession. Mr. Davis is unable to contract for safety. He reports no supports, weapons in his possession at home, and non compliance with medication. Mr. Davis states he does not feel safe with himself. Per documentation he has made several irrelevant reference to the bible during evaluation with P.A. and how he is tired of this "bible belt bullshit." Per P.A. Brent he appeared rambling at time. QP did not notices this behavior. Mr. Davis does not appear to be exhibiting signs of agitation, aggression, or responding to internal

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