Homosexuality And Its Psychological Behavior

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Homosexuality: The attraction to same sex: sexual attraction to or sexual relations with somebody of the same sex.

Since the beginning of time, homosexuality has always been shunned, taboo, and misunderstood. Homosexuality and its psychological behavior is a phenomenon with a long history, to which there have been various cultural and moral responses. Theories on sexual development claim that homosexuality is developed after birth as a result of a person’s environment (nature). Environmental factors such as a child 's emotional relationship to his same-sex parent or peers, and the presence of sexual abuse or molestation can affect sexual development; while other theories have suggested that homosexuality is genetic and can be traced to a specific gene. Most researchers have come to the conclusion that sexual orientation is likely determined by a complex interaction between a person’s genetic make-up and their environment. However, there are still some who claim that science has found a “gay gene.”

Today in our public way of living there is something new, which demands our attention and deserves a careful moral response; the term homosexual. Sexual identity is now in crisis throughout the population, and gay people-at once the most exposed subjects and objects of the crisis-have been forced to invent a complete perspective in grasping this term and what it’s like being “made-up” of this gay “gene”. The education on this does not come as simple as one would think; but with

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