Homosexuality : The Issue Of Homosexuality Essay

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Brandon Katerman Mrs. Luckey English 12 CP 5 April 2016 Homosexuality The topic of homosexuality has been touchy for hundreds of years. Just recently has the constant abuse and isolation of homosexuality been brought to light. Members of the LGBT+ community have to face different life struggles that most people would never have to deal with and because of that, they have to live their lives with many mental illnesses and thoughts of feeling alone and like they do not belong in this world. According to Religious Tolerance, “approximately 1,488 suicides per year are committed by homosexual youth.” The discrimination among this minority is still very bad today, but nothing compared to multiple years ago when people used to kill others for being homosexual. The constant discrimination and alienation against the LGBT+ community has caused a large majority to develop mental disorders throughout their lives. The world needs to start making more steps to end discrimination for this group of people and other groups that receive the same treatment because they are not “normal” or “traditional”. Unlike race or gender, sexual orientation is not a protected characteristic under current federal civil rights law. Following the 1969 Stonewall riots of gays in Greenwich Village, which was a key goal of the gay and lesbian political movement has been to win civil rights protection against discrimination in employment and housing. Too often do gay men and lesbians face hostility and

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