Homosexuality: Two Sides of the Debate

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In today’s society, it is impossible to go two weeks without seeing a headline detailing a recently proposed law regarding same-sex marriages or a news report depicting a mildly influential individual being publicly crucified for expressing degrading comments about homosexuality. Despite the commotion that surrounds the issue, I believe that it is not that complicated of a topic. Personally, I believe that the dispute should be separated into two distinct situations with two distinct solutions. On one hand, you have a political debate. On the other, you have a religious debate. Each situation should be handled separately by completely different individuals. I know where I stand politically; in fact, I feel quite strongly about the…show more content…
Furthermore, can a homosexual be a practicing Christian within the Church? Since the bible does not directly address these issues, I consulted Cole to investigate the matter further. When I need advice, I know that I can confide in Cole. He is a strong Christian and his opinions carry a lot of weight within my life. During my talk with Cole, he pointed out several perspectives that helped me better understand the issue. While talking about homosexuality, Cole pointed out that all sin is equal in God’s eyes (Labriola). This is an extremely important fact considering that there is not a single member of a church’s congregation that is without sin. The homosexual, who is often viciously chastened for his or her actions, is not inferior to the greedy pastor. Both the greedy and the homosexual should be accepted and welcomed into the church. Additionally, both should be accepted as Christians. However, Cole pointed out that the homosexual needs to be attempting to correct his shortcomings, just as each of us has our own flaws to work out. Cole asserted, “You can be a Christian and still be sinning but it [homosexuality] is something that they need to work on and pray about” (Labriola). As a Christian, if we are not actively trying to correct our sins, we are defying God. Everyone makes mistakes; however, it is important to learn and improve upon these mistakes in the process. Because of this, homosexuals who are in active relationship with a
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