Homosexuality Vs Homosexuality

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Experts estimate that there is between one to two million couples in America who are waiting to adopt a child.

With the statistics being what they are pertaining to children who need to be adopted one would think that we should be more lenient when it comes to homosexual or interracial adoption. However, they do not take into consideration the emotional toll it has on the adoptive child. Many people argue that the homosexual group is being greatly overlooked as somewhere to seek adoptive parents, but what they don’t tell you is how negatively the child is affected when they grow up in a homosexual family. Studies have proven that a child who does not have both a mother and father figure present is bound to be emotionally and mentally deprived. Interracial adoption has become more popular in the past years because of international adoption. However, in the US the issue of transracial adoption still caused controversy in 2010. A few groups asserted that embraced kids should be raised by guardians of their own race. They shielded this perspective by saying that guardians needed to make their kids mindful of their own race to create in them faculties of self-identity. Different groups guaranteed that race did not make a difference in abortion cases, for they felt as long as kids had adoring guardians, race was insignificant. While it is beneficial to have loving parents whatever their race, the first group seemed to understand that it is more difficult to raise a child of a

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