Should Same-Sex Couples Be Allowed to Adopt? Essays

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Homosexual people have faced many trials and tribulations in pursuit of living a normal and happy life. There are many controversial events and topics that are barriers blocking complete happiness. Although those barriers are in place, the people in the LGBT subculture seem to making the best of every situation. Fighting for their rights and changing laws to protect them are paving the way for a brighter future. In hopes of being normal, many same-sex couples want to have a family and for some the only option is adoption. Well, same-sex adoption is not legal in most places which makes this dream for some impossible. This caused controversy between same-sex couples and the general public who believes that same-sex adoption should remain …show more content…

The main concern that homosexual parents worry about is their child or children being teased, or hiding facts about their parents to avoid being bullied (Meezan 103). I recently read an article from ABC News and in the article a married homosexual couple was shocked that they are not allowed to adopt a child. They were told that in order to adopt only one parent can be listed on the birth certificate. They feel that the laws that are aimed at the adults are hurting the children who really need homes (James). Others who do not support same-sex adoption show concerns for the well-being of the child after being exposed to a homosexual lifestyle. In the article, Gay and Lesbian Adoptive Parents: Resources for Professional and Parents, it states that social workers are hesitant to allow same-sex adoptions because they wonder how the child will be raised and how the child will feel about themselves and the parents being homosexual. It is also stated in the article that conservative political and religious groups show how same-sex adoption have negative effects on children (“Gay and Lesbian Adoptive Parents”). There have been cases where the courts have taken in the fact that a child adopted by homosexual parents could be teased because of the parents and did what was the best interest for the child. Their argument was that in the long run the child’s self-esteem could become damaged because of the bullying (“Gay and

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