Honesty and Integrity Are Not Found in the Play Hamlet

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Hussam Mahadi
Mr. Sayed
October 30th, 2015

Honesty and integrity are never found in Hamlet

Honesty and integrity can both be described as good qualities, but they are interpreted in different ways, honesty is quality of truthfulness and sincerity. While integrity can be described as the possession of a strong moral principles, and the righteous acts committed by a character. William Shakespeare uses multiple forms of deception and immoral acts in almost every scene in the play Hamlet. Proving that there is neither honesty, nor integrity in the play.
Different forms of deception are present in the play Hamlet. Including dishonesty, and manipulating the truth. The first major point to contradict honesty, and prove deception in the …show more content…

This unneeded immoral behavior Hamlet committed towards Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and Claudius’ manner of becoming the king, are strong examples that clarifies that the play Hamlet is missing integrity and morality.
In conclusion, deception and immoral behaviors can be detected in multiple occasions in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Deception is evident in almost every character in the play, and it is demonstrated through all the lies that were told. Also, the critical element of integrity is also clearly missing from the play, and is proven from the immoral decisions and acts committed by main characters in the play. Proving that there is neither honesty, nor integrity in the play

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