Honey Bees Essay

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Bees are buzzing away Honey bees have been dying due to diseases and poor nutrition. Also the pesticides that farmers put on their crops add to this problem. The problems started to happen when bees started to have poor nutrition and this caused them to get diseases. The bees started to die out and there were not enough to pollinate the flowers. It affects us in many ways too. “But for the past decade more bees have been vanishing.” by Lindsay Lowe, paragraph 8. The government is working on solutions to fix the honey bees problem. There are problems and solutions so now, let's talk about why honey bees are important. Why are bees so important to us We need bees to pollinate. If the bees …show more content…

For example, “Tiny insect-like creatures called mites lath into bees and infect them with diseases, mites have killed millions of bees.” By Lindsay Lowe, Paragraph 13. So that is some problems why bees are dying, now lets learn about solutions to helping the bees. Solution to preventing the extinction of bees Countries and people have been working hard to help the bees such as providing laws and restrictions on pesticide use. For example “Pesticides and poor nutrition are harming the bees. Weed killers are reducing the areas where they can live” By Bloomberg, paragraph 6. A girl created a lemonade called beesweet. They use honey and not sugar in it. For example “Mikaila sells her lemonade on her website and in stores. She gives some of the money to organizations that are working to keep bees buzzing.” By Lindsay Lowe. Paragraph 6. There is also a pollinator health task force that Barack Obama created to also help prevent extinction. “In May, the group announced a plan to plant wildflowers on 7 million acres of land across the country.” By Lindsay Lowe. Paragraph d15. These are some of the solutions that have been created to help prevent the extinction of bees

Conclusion Bees are extremely important to us all and without them many people think we will no longer have

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