Hope Is A Thing With Feathers By Emily Dickinson

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In Emily dickesons poem "hope is a thing with feathers! She established the message of hope by applying main ideas. For example on line five Dickenson uses unique text to make the image of sweetest and gale by indicating what hope is, " And sweetest-in the gale-is heard-" (l.5). Emily Dickenson uses sweetest because she's telling us that the tune of the bird sings is "sweetest". Gale is a strong wind that you could hear and see it. Dickenson utilizes images from nature. "Hope" is the thing with feathers". In terms of Dickensons life. What Dickenson is telling us about this poem is that inside it is peaceful and secure, while outside is dangerous. Dickinson is reminding us of hopes power. It us always there and is strong enough to see us through
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