Horror Films Research Paper

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Genres are categorized in several ways. The use of genre is important in film because producers believe it would be good for marketing. There are different types of films. Action films is where the protagonist is involve in physical fights or chases. Adventure films involve the explorations the protagonist has throughout the story. Comedy films is mainly about humor. It makes the audience laugh by its comedic sense. Crime and gangster films is about the adventures of criminals or gangsters who break the laws, does robberies, and murder people who they despise of. Horror films involves the antagonist who kills victims in a terrifying and shocking manner. It causes the audience to feel uneasy and panic when murder takes place. Mystery films involves…show more content…
It is revealed why the serial killer would do this toward the end of the film. Throughout the story, there are always signs of female hunting and female fighting. Some themes of a horror film include feminism, innocence (sexual), madness, faith, death/birth, safety, and afterlife. The locations used are suburbs, private homes (small spaces), abandoned places, and dark alleys. Some film techniques that horror films used are dark lighting, background music, and point of view. Symbols of horror films include female victims, knives, saws, hooks, clowns, masks, etc. For example, in Psycho, when Marion stays for a night at the Bates Motel you will notice that it takes place at night which foreshadows her fate. Also, during the shower scene there was a shadow of a knife which indicates that Marion would be most likely murdered. These elements are always found in horror films. When viewers are consumed by horror films, we often anticipate what is going to happen next, and fear what the murderer would do to the other characters of the story. In an action film, the plot is where the protagonist is in a series of challenges against enemies. The themes of an action film is moral justice, violence, etc. The locations used in action films are in small towns or cities. The area should be calm and quiet. For example, in The Great Train Robbery, the female protagonist is fighting against two enemies who want to
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