Horror Movie Analysis

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Why scary stories are interesting to watch?to express our emotions. Why so many people like horror ? to show we are not afraid to take risk Why people find scary stories more interesting than regular stories?More action and each scary story express interesting scary,thrilling stories..Stephen King's claim is true-we crave horror to face our fears ,to establish our feelings of normalcy and to experience a peculiar sort of fun.

Why scary Stories are interesting to watch?Horror movies are interesting to watch ,it shows Action and have scary stories.For example Stephen king says we like to watch Scary stories to have fun.(Why We crave Horror)”We are told to we may allow our emotions a free rein or no rein at all”Stephen king suggest we allow to express our emotion while watching scary stories.(Why We crave Horror)Stephen King says Scary Stories are interesting to watch because horror movies are the best fairy tales,manage to be reactionary,anarchistic,and revolutionary all at the same time while watching scary stories.Stephen King encourages people to watch scary stories to express emotion,to have fun,and to show everybody has a dark side.For an example scary stories are interesting to watch because Stephen King suggest we show our dark side vet little because Stephen king says scary story are interesting to watch for people because our madness is extended so rarely.Scary stories show our dark side and the worst in us in (why we Crave Horror).This shows Stephen King's claim

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