Horror : The Mind Of Horror By Stephen King

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Humankind is absolutely insane, and everyone is mentally ill. “Why?” is an appropriate question that can and will be asked, well, it’s because the enjoyment and pleasure that people as a whole receive from watching others menace and writhe in pain. It is a perfect reflection as to why the human race craves horror. Not many people oppose the idea of going out to watch a horror movie, from the sheltered protection that comes from the outside of the screen. Casually munching on some butter-dripping popcorn, as the giant on the TV viciously crunches down on a human gushing blood. It is called, as Stephen King puts, “To show that we can, that we are not afraid, that we can ride this roller coaster.” (King 1) King believes that people want to dare the nightmare, as a peculiar sort of fun. The arguments that Stephen King provides have aspects that are both agreeable and disagreeable. In one hand, he claims that watching horror movies is a more of a psychological thing having to deal with the “Human Condition” to show that we can and will because our emotions need to be tested to “re-establish our feelings of essential normality” (King 1) which is agreeable; nonetheless, claiming that everyone needs horror is putting people together as a whole which some people will oppose because they have no interest in the thought of horror. Stephen King’s points that relate horror to the human condition proves that we need horror to help control our emotions. We want to watch these
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