Hospice Care Vs. Hospital Care

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Coming to the end of your life is already filled with so many ailments, the last thing a dying person needs is to make those final decisions. Most of the time when a person is at the point of needing end of life care they do not have the capacity to make crucial decisions. It’s best to know what your choices will be and have those in writing so when your time comes those who care for you will know that you have chosen hospice care or hospital care. However, sometimes you don’t get to make that choice, as it depends a lot on what care is available and how close you are actually dying. It’s hard to believe that there are expectations on when someone dies in order to qualify and get hospice care; however, that is exactly the case. …show more content…

Furthermore, for anyone who has spent the night in the hospital knows that you never really get any rest. Staying in a hospital involves, around the clock nurses coming in and checking on you, drawing blood, running tests, beeping machines and the constant discomfort of not being in your own bed. The gowns are horrible and the sheets are starchy and scratchy, hospitals are cold and impersonal. If you have ever had to watch someone die in the hospital, then you understand how difficult it is to see them hooked up to machines, it is what is keeping them alive. Without proper preparation, it is eventually up to the family to decide your fate at the end of your life. Preparing an Advanced Directive is the only concrete way to make sure your needs and wants are actually met. It is your responsibility.
It’s never easy for a family to say they want someone taken off life support. We want our family member to live; therefore, leaving this decision to them in their time of fear and grief is not fair. According to an article I found not many have made this choice, the article states, “but if we mirror the larger US population, only 25% to 30% of us have completed an advance directive” (Alspach, J. G., 2016). It’s often thought that just telling your family what you want will be enough, but without written proof, at that time, it’s no longer your

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