Hospital Repeaters Analysis

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Over the course of my four weeks at the hospital, I’ve seen and met a lot of different people. It seems like the people who come in can almost be categorized into different groups. The repeaters; people who have been to the hospital multiple times throughout a short period of time. The unnecessary hospital visitors; those who come in with a cold or a bruise, and really have no need to be there. The screamers; patients who come in screaming and don’t stop until they leave, these are usually people who are mentally challenged or elderly who are refusing treatment. Finally, there are the people who actually have a valid reason for being there. Of course, there are many more groups that people could be categorized in but these are just the main…show more content…
An older woman in her 60s came in complaining of stomach pain. Donna was the one taking care of her, and when she went in to get vitals, she said I should probably stay in the nurses station because the lady wasn’t very friendly. That was probably a first indicator. I don’t know the specifics of what was wrong with her, but I knew she was really sick and needed treatment. She started getting antsy though, and wanted to leave. She kept trying to pull out her IV so Donna asked one of the nurses to stay in her room and sit with her to make sure she didn’t pull it out. Shortly after there was screaming. The woman was yelling that she refused treatment and demanded she leave. Donna went in for backup while I stayed and watched from a distance. Her daughter had dropped her off and left to go home and take care of her baby, so even if she wanted to leave she couldn’t. The yelling continued until Donna came out and explained the situation to the doctor. He said that they had to section-21 her so she could not leave the hospital, then Donna called a Code 22, which means there is a violent patient and calls all available staff to come help. They called the nursing manager and most of the nurses. They restrained her and were able to put an IV back in her arm. It sounds a bit cruel but without treatment the woman probably would have gotten even worse. All the nurses looked quite stressed out after that, and on top of that the other man was screaming
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