Hospital Scenarios

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Maggie Solis (approaching both Officer Myers and Officer Ramirez): Both children seem to be Ok, but we’ll need to transport them to the Hospital for a full medical evaluation. Will Child Protective Service be at the Hospital?

Officer Myers: Yes, they will be dispatched to the Hospital in fact, CPS will be there by the time you arrive.

Maggie Solis: Great, then were on our way.

Scene 2: Maggie Solis and Lucinda Doe arrived at the Hospital with the children. Maria Moreno from the CPS department was waiting for them at the main Hospital entrance along with two Special Victim’s Investigators, Raul Ponce and Simon De la Fuente who were assigned to investigate the case. The investigators will go back to the house to investigate and the children are taken to a private room where they will be
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Rodriguez (addressing to Maria Moreno): Before I can let you question the children, I have to do a series of testing to make sure they are stable and healthy.

Maria Moreno: That’s fine with me, I understand Dr.

Dr. Rodriguez went in the examining room along with a lab technician to examine the children. The Dr. examine them from head to toe and concluded there were no broken bones, bruises, or any visible trauma inflicted on the children. The lab technician then took some hair, saliva and blood samples from the children and a couple of hours later all test were done, the results left everyone puzzled.

Maria Moreno: What’s wrong Dr. Rodriguez? What is it? Can you please for god’s sake tell me what’s wrong?

Dr. Rodriguez (puzzled and scratching his head, turns to Maria): The tests can’t be wrong, we ran them again and again.

Maria Moreno: What do you mean the test are wrong?

Dr. Rodriguez: I can’t explain it, we took blood samples from the children and ran the tests, but the results came back from a dead person and not just a dead person, but someone who has been dead for some time.

Maria Moreno: What do you mean a dead person? You must of have ran the wrong
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