Hospitality In The Bible And Myth

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The Bible and mythology are not just bedtime stories, but rather stories that teach morals and important lessons that have been passed down through generations. In both of these stories, the main values taught our kindness to others and selflessness in the form of hospitality. Many people saw the poor man who was, "stripped of his clothes ", beaten, and left, "half dead ", but they all just, "passed by on the other side.”(Luke 10:30-31) The author uses imagery to show the state of which the poor man was in after being attacked. Many people walked past this tattered man including a Levite and ironically, even a priest, but nobody stopped even momentarily to lend a helping hand. Walking along the same trail, the Samaritans saw the man, …show more content…

Susan Hermes disguise themselves as poor travelers and set out on a quest to test, "how hospitable the people… Were ", and in the evening when they were hungry and tired, "not one would admit them; every time they were dismissed insolently and the door barred against them "(Hamilton 151) . The people saw the personas of the gods and assumed that they were just old tattered travelers, and they were all too pretty to spare some food, drink water, or even any dialogue for slamming the door in their faces. When they were just about to give up, "they came upon a little hopeful of the homeless sort, Porincen any they had yet found… Where a kindly faced old man and woman welcome them in the friendliest fashion"(Hamilton 151) Hamilton shows the old couple is humble, and welcomes in strangers regardless of the fact that they really don't have much to offer. This goes to show that you should always be your best self and do the right thing and have good morals. Those who have the least and most humble and generous.This goes to show that you should always be your best self, do the right thing, and have good morals. Those who have the least are most humble and generous and willing to give the

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