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blockbuster A NEW BLOCKBUSTER IMAGE Case Study I MGT 201 Submitted by: Group II: Ada Ballesfin Cel Dizon Reyvs Firmalino A New Blockbuster Image I. Point of View Harry Wayne Huizenga, Chairman, Blockbuster II. Major Problem What steps should Blockbuster Inc. take to ensure the company’s sustainability in the long run? III. Case Facts To…show more content…
Market Focused Strategies Market Penetration – The company markets existing products to existing customers. In this strategy, the product remains unchanged and there is no effort to pursue new market segments. Efforts are instead focused on increasing market share through promotions or brand repositioning. Market Development – The company markets existing products to new customer segments. These segments can be either untapped sectors of a related market (to their existing product/s) or new opportunities (non-related) altogether. Product Focused Strategies Product Development – The company markets new products to existing customers. Here the company should be innovative, responsive, and truly in touch with their customer’s ever changing wants and needs. Diversification – The company markets new products to new customers. There are 2 types of diversification: related and unrelated. Related diversification is where the company enters an associated market/industry while unrelated diversification enters a market/industry with minimal to no experience at all. Relating these strategies to Blockbuster Inc, current portfolio, it would seem that H.W. Huizenga’s focus is on Diversification. As diversification is the option which entails the greatest risk (and potentially the

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