Ansoff Analysis

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Strategic Marketing Planning
The marketing plan directions of Just Click for the next 3 years would be determined based on the following analysis;
• Ansoff Analysis of Just Click business
• BCG Matrix showing the growth strategies versus market share

Ansoff Analysis
The Ansoff Analysis is basically a strategic planning tool which helps the senior management and marketing team to develop strategies for the future. This is also known as the Product or Market Expansion Grid. It was developed by Russian American H.Igor Ansoff. (Gianos 2013)

The above matrix shows the four strategies one can use to grow and analyze the risks related to it.

Market Penetration Strategy
Using this strategy, the company can further penetrate the existing market …show more content…

This strategy however has its own risks because the technology may be copied by others and imitated.
Diversification involving development of new product in a new market is not advisable for Just Click at present as it is still in the initial period of growth. So, it is better it consolidates its position in Kuwait and grow more before taking risky growth strategies.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix
The BCG matrix analysis would help a company in its long term strategic planning and deploy its resources accordingly. It helps the company to consider the various growth opportunities by making a review of the existing portfolio of products and decide whether to invest more or discontinue or develop products. The BCG Matrix is also known as the Growth or Share Matrix. (Zhao & Lu 2006) The BCG matrix helps to identify the high growth prospects by classifying the firm products as per the growth rate and market share. It evaluates the strategic position of the company product and its potential. The classification is divided into 4 quadrants as follows; (Ionescu 2011)
Quadrant Market Share Market Growth

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