Hotel Rwanda Cultural Analysis

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Cultural Assessment Assignment Culture is a peculiar form of life, pertaining to customs, beliefs, arts, of a group within a society at a given time. Also, culture encompass what is considered wrong or acceptable (N’dri, 2016). For this particular reason, culture is essential because it defines a person in various ways, including their views, values, fears, and desires. Identifying oneself with a culture provides a sense of belonging, purpose, and identity. Cultures are passed on from generation to generations have been sustained for many years . Cultures are unique to the people who identifies with them and that influence their beliefs, roles, activities, and habits. Culture that is common among people in different societies’ offers …show more content…

Rwandan political condition deteriorated after the fall of the President. Rusesabagina and his family witnessed how his neighbors were murdered through ethnic cleansing (Sragow, 2005). In the early part of the genocide, Rusesabagina bribed some influential people to protect his family with alcohol and money. Rusesabagina distracts the Hutu rebels and sneaks his family and neighbors into his hotel.
Assessment of Culture and Ethnic Traits The family’s culture as depicted in Rusesabagina’s family did not only include the Rwandans but their neighboring countries who share the Kinyarwanda dialect. History had it that the Twa were the original settlers of Rwanda. They were joined by the Hutus who came from the west and the Tutsis followed from the northeast. These three ethnic groups shared a culture and were able to settle as a nation. They spoke the same language which is Kinyarwanda and also practiced the same religion. In the movie this can be seen in how Rusesabagina, a Hutu and his wife Tatiana, a Tutsi lived in harmony as a husband and wife without any form of conflict that they both had to compromise. Socio cultural aspect of the movie deals with the lifestyle. Food and alcohol is shared at frequent ceremonial activities held together by all the ethnic groups. With this trait, Rusesabagina was able to use food and alcohol to bribe people to protect his family which

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