Hourly Rounding: Does It Really Make a Difference?

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Identification of broad, evidence-based practice topic Hourly rounding is something that has been around for a while. One of the first things we learned in nursing school was that you should check on your patient every hour or every 2 hours (depending on nursing aid assistance). I started my research by looking at what hourly rounding entails. From there I found the majority of articles that think hourly rounding really does affect patient care and only a few opinion articles that think the opposite. Develop a focused question Since there were so many articles on hourly rounding, picking through them to find ones that related to the direction I was going with my research was really difficult. The main question that came into my head…show more content…
Even though this article was only a review and only talked about the results that were found and not the actual studies that were done, the information was very relevant to my question and easy to understand. “In 5 of 6 studies (83%) that examined use of call lights, the use was reduced. Fall rates were reduced in 7 of 9 studies (77%) in which falls were evaluated. In 8 of 9 studies (88%), researchers discovered improvements in overall
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