House Bill 2 Case Study

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A controversial law by the name of House Bill 2 or HB2, is what is taking away basic rights to those who need it. Although most would argue about having privacy in a public restroom, repealing HB2 can be beneficial to the LGBT community, help out regular citizens looking for civil-rights protection, and it gives North Carolina a greater reputation when looked upon as an entire law rather than a set of bathroom restrictions.
When examining the details of HB2, it goes on to sweep away the protection of LGBT members, repealing HB2 can be extremely beneficial to this community. March 23 of 2016 was the day the North Carolina legislature passed the law that says if you are a girl, go to the women’s restroom and if you are a boy, go to the men’s …show more content…

LGBT members feel as if they have been swept under the rug with the bill taking its place, their rights, and protection. Members of the LGBT community and ordinary people across the country aren’t exactly content thus ruining the reputation of this beloved state. Performers and business have great hostility in a state where discrimination is open. If one were to think to get rid of protections for the LGBT was wrong, House Bill 2 may take away civil-rights protection to those who really need it, hence the bill should be viewed entirely at each portion. House Bill 2 is something that needs to be repealed not only for the transgender but for the other citizens of North Carolina. The signing of the bathroom bill gives another great reason why discrimination is evident in America. Getting rid of HB2 may take a small step forward for America as a country. In a place where hatred is found almost everywhere, one should at least have the privilege to be

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