How A Bill Becomes A Law

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A president of our United States once claimed that “Can’t living with a bill means it won’t become law” (AZ Quotes). However, is George W. Bush right? Will a “bad” law ever get passed. Well, to answer that question, you need to know how a bill becomes a law. It is pretty widely known that there are three branches of the United States Government. It has been this way since the US Constitution created our national government over 200 years ago. With these multiple branches to speak of there must be some way to make sure that none of them has too much power. Thus is the mission of checks and balances. Checks and balances are built into the government and they are designed to keep one branch from becoming too powerful by checking/balancing the power of the branch with one or two of the other branches. There are several ingenious that the legislative, or law writing branch is checked by the executive, main ruling bodied, branch, and the judicial, court filled, branch. The monumental process of checks and balances is displayed incredibly in the complex political process of how bills become laws, preventing a single legislature from controlling the whole US, resulting in a likely tyranny. For a proposed idea, in a bill, to become a law, there are many steps, in two branches of government, it is required to take. A bill is a legislation that has been proposed to the legislature and is not yet passed into official rule, or a law. Bills have to follow a process for it to become…
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